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Born in 1966 in Bikaner, Rajasthan, Sulakshana Monga was always creatively inclined from the start. Her love for the arts and embroidery stems from her parents who were patrons of both and imbued a love for craft in her from the very start. While her love for fashion was always there, at the time there were no design schools in the country, but she followed her passion and began working in the field in 1989. Armed with experience, 2003 was finally time for Sulakshana Monga to start her own label. As the company spread its wings in the Indian subcontinent and beyond, her son Porus Monga joined the label in 2006. His key focus was to manage the ever growing business with his keen bent of mind that could be applied to the flourishing label. With production, finance, administration and sourcing all under his belt, Sulakshana Monga was able to scale her line to cater to the augmenting set of clients and loyalists. By 2010, her other son Dhruv Monga also came on board to aid the creative wing of the brand and assimilate the Sulakshana Monga style. Working from the ground up for a decade, Dhruv Monga took full creative reign of the label in 2018. The label has been on a new road to disrupt the Indian wear market with his creative sensibilities rooted with the true Sulakshana Monga perspective at bay. Today the three work in conjunction to build the empire to new heights.