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Dr. Harendra Dev Singh , a reputed doctor of Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh who is working to improve the overall health of people through public consciousness , has a different style of treatment . His Awareness campaign run all over India to prevent Heart Attack and other serious diseases is talk of the town now a days. Dr. Harendra says that due to the poor lifestyle prevailing in Foreign Countries , the number of patients with obesity , diabetes, high B.P ,heart attack etc are increasing rapidly but many countries have succeeded in controlling these life style diseases  to a large extent by running awareness campaigns. Dr. Singh further says that in the last few years ,Indians have adopted Western Civilization e.g eating habits and thus number of patients related to such diseases are increasing rapidly here in India too, which is worrisome. Experts say that apart from Health Awareness  Campaigns , free pacemaker implantation , Akhand Heart Darbar are also organized time to time by Krishna Heart Care and Krishna Shanti samiti ,run by Dr. Singh where echocardiography , thyroid and Lipid profile of the people who visit is done free of cost. Dr. Singh who organizes Maha Abhiyaan Rally every year on World Heart Day , provides ECG and Echocardiography facilities in addition to free medicines to the people and efforts are made to make people aware by interactive sessions.

Dr. Sahajanand Prasad Singh , a well-known Doctor of our country ,member of National Medical Commission and National President of IMA says that every year Dr. Singh organizes Heart Disease Awareness campaign for females and a Marathon on World Diabetes Day, besides organizing Cycle race Competition and his such initiatives makes the entire medical world  feel proud. The National President of IMA further shares that Dr. Harendra strives a lot to spread awareness about prevention of diseases to common masses via his lectures by visiting tehsils every year, apart from free Dialysis and Filiation Therapy , and such steps taken by him will surely prove to be a milestone in the history of the Medical World.