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Born in India in 1957, Prem Rawat gave his first public address on the subject of peace at age four. He went on touring India with his father, where he spoke to thousands of people. In 1971, at age13, he made his first visit to the West. Today his message of peace and humanity has reached in 174countries. Today, Prem has spent six decades travelling the world, speaking in more than 250 cities, and has addressed live millions of people. His message of peace is for all of us living a life wherestress and conflict are increasingly a part of our everyday existence. Prem Rawat embraces creativity and cutting-edge technology, especially when it furthers his work. He is an inventor, musician, artist, photographer, poet, and a highly accomplished pilot with morethan 14,500 hours of flying time. To fulfill his vision, he maintains a demanding travel schedule, attending on average 90 speaking engagements across the globe every year.