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He was born in a lower middle class family in the year 1954. He used to walk to the primary school 3 kms away through narrow path of paddy fields intersected by many nullas and other obstructions. A peon of a school inspector noticed something extra in him and urged his father to under-take a test for Netarhat School ( One of the best school in Bihar on whoes pattern later on the centre started Jawahar Navodaya Vidlaya). He cleared this test in first attempt. Something extra made him house perfect, PT.leader,and in third year he took science stream (which was on merit with choice) and due to the trend at that time he choose Biology stream.

Dr. V.K. Sinha has done many commendable job for the advancing the cause of orthopaedics. In the year 1998, he organised All India Spine Surgery Conference at Patna and became executive member of ASSI in 1999 onwards for three years. He organised many more such conferences on spinal instrument including first cadaveric and live surgery workshop on minimally invasive spinal surgery at Patna, cadaveric workshop on TKR, etc. Patna Bone and Spine Hospital is also a center of learning doing regular CME’s and conference on subjects which is usually not covered in regular training curriculum of orthopaedic surgeons, for example, it is establish the role of ultrasound in orthopaedics, introduced technique of inflatable nails for long bone fracture, role of Brain computer interface, for severely disabled, minimum invasive spine surgery etc.