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Born on July 31 , 1985 in Udupi (the district headquarters ) about 430 kms from Bengaluru in Karnataka, Dr. Rajesh Bayari , son of Mahabal Bayari and Kalavati Bayari , is a distinguished name in medical world of the state. The experts of this field in the state say that Dr. Rajesh who has won the hearts of his patient in a very short span , has patients visiting him from about 20 countries of the world in Chithrakoota Ayurved Hospital in Aloor , besides patients from every corner of India. Established in 2010 in Udupi by Dr. Rajesh Bayeri , a recipient of Rajyoth sava award by Newspaper Association of Karnataka , this 30- bed hospital is very unique from earlier operating Ayurveda Hospitals in country in many ways. Dr. Rajesh Bayri ,has a BAMS Degree from Aroor Lakshmi Narayan Rao Memorial Ayurveda Medical College in chikkamagalur district of Karnataka and shares that we prepare plant based ayurveda medicines in our own garden and then medicines too are made by us only. The company does not sell the medicines prepared by Chithrakoota Ayurveda in the market but are used solely for the hospitalized patients . Dr. Rajesh further adds that more than 150 types of herbs can be seen in our garden , apart from this we also grow fruits & vegetables in our fields organicallyaaa