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Born in a well-known estate family in July 1962, Dr. Ashok Kumar’s name is taken with much respect in the field of Homeopathy in the state. According to the cognizant of medical sciences, Dr. Ashok Kumar have a strong hold over ailments like sinus, sciatica, leukoderma, hairfall,baldness, bikolai, kidney stone, viral fever, S.L.I, Berger, Allergy and herpes joster. Maybe for this reason a large no. of patients from whole of the country visits his clinic and leads a happy life after the treatment. Considerably Dr. Ashok Kumar’s grandfather Late Anant Lal Verma and father Dr. P.N Verma’s contribution is unforgettable. Homeopathy spread across the country and gained people’s trust very quickly because of their contribution

A well-known estate owner in Bihar’s capital Patna and India’s accomplished homeopath, Dr. Anant Lal Verma started his medical practice in around 1930 from Danapur. He was a very co-operative and quite person and had a good hold over serious diseases. This was the age when development and awareness of homeopathy among people became necessary. Keeping this in mind, he took one step further and established a company named Dalvar Homeopathy. Within a few time the medicines of this company started to be supplied in India as well as other countries. As the time changed, demand for medicines manufactured by Dalvar increased in India as well as other countries and Dr. Anant Lal Verma began to be known as Dr. Dalvar. Seeing the short-fall of doctors in the state, he started Dalvar Homeopathic Medical during 60’s in Bihar, which was recognised by Bihar University afterwards